Are you tired of dropping by your friendly computer superstore with a critical Mac™ problem, only to find that "the Mac specialist is out", & nobody else has a clue? Or you're lucky enough to make it on a Saturday when the Mac™ guru is in, only to find that you're the 4th in line behind several other anxious supplicants, each with a convoluted tale of arcane error messages & reams of hand scrawled notes. Oh yes, & customer #2 is asking someone "how is the Mac really different than Windows 2000?" or "how do you use the mouse?" Oh no, you think - this will take forever!

Or you phone their tech support to find that you've been routed to a 900# or automated service & don't even know the right questions to ask? Or you are lucky enough to actually get through to a human being who apparently knows something about Macs™ without being charged $3/minute, only to find that your problem is impossible to describe over the phone with enough clarity to resolve the issue! Or what about the time you actually got through on the vendor's technical support line after waiting 45 minutes, only to be told that "we do not offer support for third party products"!

What about the time that you simply wanted the perfect software package custom-designed for your business, but your favorite retailer's selection of Mac™ software was 5% the size of the DOS™/Windows™ section, & only included the most basic run-of-the-mill offerings? The mailorder catalogs weren't much better - their offerings although broader were still limited to the products everyone has heard of, & if you didn't know the exact name of the product you were looking for, you were out of luck! How can you find that one product or vendor among tens-of-thousands which will perfectly fit your needs, without the trial & error headaches which plague so many?

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