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If you are located in the greater St Louis Metro region, please help us assist you in expediting the resolution of your Macintosh™ related needs by filling out the contact form below.

By informing us regarding the specific nature of your Mac™ related symptoms &/or configuration/training needs, we can route your service inquiry to the consultant or technician whose skills most appropriately match your unique situation.

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Frequent System Crashes Sound Malfunction or Anomalies
System Performance Degradation Applications Bugs or Anomalies
Printer Connectivity Failure Black Screen PowerUp Failure
Scanner Connectivity Failure Bootup Hang or Crash
Digital Camera Connectivity Failure Shutdown Hang or Crash
Zip, Floppy, or CD-R Connectivity Failure Unexpected Data Loss
Inability to Connect to Internet Data Security Breach
Unstable Internet Connection Other Symptoms

Configuration & Upgrades:

Faster &/or Broadband Internet Access RAM or Internal Component Upgrade
New System & Peripherals Setup Mac™ Local Area Network Installation/Upgrade
Applications Clean Installations Integrate Mac™ CPU into Windows™ Network
Fax Software Configuration Integrate Windows™ PC into Mac™ Network
Peripherals Installation Virus Control
Internet Applications Configuration UNIX or MacOS™ X Support
Data Security/Privacy Measures Other Configuration & Upgrades
Automated Data Backup


Client Needs Analysis Applications & Utilities Training
Product Purchase Recommendations Web Access Training
Comprehensive Product Research EMail Applications Training
General Mac™ Environment Training Other


DataBase Developement WebSite Development Other

If your symptom is an Emergency requiring Rapid Response, please phone
800-878-8063 to expedite your response. Thanks.

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